Iowa GOP official sells out her Christian values for Trump: ‘Politically, we’ve got to save a nation’
Tamara Scott and Donald Trump (Facebook)

A Republican Party official in Iowa admits that Donald Trump doesn't act much like a Christian, but she's willing to overlook those concerns because he shares her bigoted view of Latino immigrants.

Tamara Scott, a Republican National Committeewoman and lobbyist for The Family Leader conservative group, said Trump's evangelical critics aren't showing their Christian love, reported Right Wing Watch.

“Here’s what I hate to see from my friends, my Iowa friends and my fellow believers,” Scott told conservative radio host Jeff Angelo on Tuesday. “Let’s not be judgmental ourselves. Maybe God’s called someone to a camp for various reasons. Daniel was in Darius’ camp, and because of it Darius saw the hand of God in Darius’ life. Who knows why people are being drawn to various candidates, but it could be a purpose beyond an election. God sees eternity.”

The radio host asked Scott, who has said American law should favor Christians, said she was comfortable backing Trump because she believes “he’ll end the war on Christianity," while his opponent, Hillary Clinton, “created the war on Christianity.”

“Shouldn’t I, as a Christian, if I really think — you know, some of them think the end of the world’s coming because we don’t like this candidate,” Scott said. “If that’s the case, all the more reason I should have someone who’s going to allow someone to share my gospel. And that’s Trump, not Hillary, if you want to take it just to a spiritual level.”

Scott, who has warned that child migrants were "highly trained as warriors" and could not be reasonably compared to American children, said she was willing to ignore questions about Trump's religious sincerity because he promised harsh anti-immigration policies.

"He may not know the scripture references, he may not speak Christianese, he may not be where we want him spiritually,” Scott said. “But politically, we’ve got to save a nation. We’ve got to save borders and save a country before we can save a culture.”