Ana Navarro tears into CNN spokes-apologist Lewandowski for defending Trump’s ‘insulting’ racism
Ana Navarro on CNN's Don Lemon (Photo: Screen capture)

Conservative CNN commentator Ana Navarro isn't a fan of the GOP's nominee for president. She's spent the last several months blasting Donald Trump and his surrogates for everything from racism to being outright stupid. But Tuesday night on Don Lemon's show, Navarro went off on Kellyanne Conway, a Trump senior adviser. Conway seemed to be getting her feelings hurt on behalf of her boss, who has spent the campaign attacking various groups of people.

Lemon attempted to explain that he didn't hear anyone insult Trump, rather people have criticisms for Trump. "How is criticism an insult," Lemon asked.

"I will tell you something. I will take credit for insulting him. Because he's been insulting communities since the first day he launched his campaign, when eh started talking about Mexican rapists," said Navarro, but she was only getting started.

"The reason I can call Donald Trump blames and I can insult him back is because I am the sister of a disabled man and he mocked that disabled man, because I am a friend of a POW and he mocked that POW, because I'm an immigrant and he has insulted immigrants, because I am Hispanic and he has insulted Hispanics, because I am a woman and he has insulted women. So, yeah, we're at the point where there's insults and name-calling," Navarro continued. "But I would just say that he threw that rock first. He is the one who has lowered the debate to the level that it is at."

"Amen, sister," Van Jones interjected.

Before that, Navarro had it out with former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, who tried to blast Navarro saying, "What you don't want to talk about is the thousand Hispanics that he employees in Florida, no one wants to mention that fact. Which is more so than Ana Navarro employees or for that matter anyone else."

Navarro wasn't taking it. "Let me just go ahead and answer you, Corey, because you don't know a lot about me," she began as Lewandowski interrupted her asking if she has a lot of employees. "Uh, yeah actually we do. Actually, actually, why don't you ask Don Lemon and Maria Cardona and even Kaylee who stay at our hotels, at my family's hotels in Florida how many hotels we have and how many Hispanics, how many Haitians, how many Americans we employee and are proud to. So, before you attack me, personally, at the least, at the least, know me."

Lewandowski tried to interject saying that Navarro spends days attacking Trump without even knowing him, thus his logic is that he deserves to attack Navarro.

"Oh yeah! Yeah, I'll attack him until the last [intelligable] because he has attacking—" Lewandowski kept talking over her in his classic ram-rodding style. "Oh, Corey, do me a favor, before you go attacking me — oh, let me tell you something, let me play my little violin for you," she said after accusations that Navarro has attacked Trump. She said she mourned Bush's loss for about a week and then quickly got on the "Anyone but Trump" train. "Because I think he is a racist bigot who is destructive for the Republican party."

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