WATCH: UFO buffs freak out over aliens and supervolcano after strange objects spotted at Yellowstone
UFO sighting at Yellowstone National Park (YouTube)

Blurry surveillance footage recorded at Yellowstone National Park appears to show some unidentified flying objects -- and UFO enthusiasts are freaking out about underground alien bases and supervolcano eruptions.

The video was recorded several months ago, but it was posted on YouTube over the weekend by Jeanette Forester, who frequently shares videos featuring the national park, and then publicized by UFO enthusiast Scott Waring, reported the Daily Star.

Waring, who believes he recently spotted a Martian soldier's shoe on Mars, speculated on his UFOSightingsDaily blog that the park was home to some type of alien base.

"Yellowstone Park was allotted 3,468 miles of land by the US government – so obviously the US knows about an active alien base or bases in the area," Waring wrote.

The grainy video shows three objects of varying size that Waring believes are disc-like alien spacecraft more than 320 feet across.

Other sightings of unexplained objects this year at Yellowstone have triggered speculation about alien spacecraft "jumping through space and time," as one UFO enthusiast claimed, or monitoring a potential eruption of the supervolcano beneath the park.

Earthling scientists and geologists are already monitoring that huge volcano, which they say has the potential to kill over 90,000 people and blanket the atmosphere with a dust cloud that could usher in a nuclear winter.