'He knows all about lost causes': Stephen Colbert humiliates Trump over his Gettysburg speech fiasco
Stephen Colbert (YouTube)

Vowing to not talk about GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, CBS Late Show host Stephen Colbert lasted approximately one minute before delving into Trump's disastrous Gettysburg address where he threatened to sue the women who have accused him of sexual assault.

With Trump saying he would see his accusers in court, Colbert noted, "Yes, he will take all of these women to court. But at least when he's swearing in, they'll know where his hands are.

Citing the original Gettysburg address at a time when the nation was divided, Colbert said the country is facing a similar division.

"America is divided between those who think Trump will lose because the election's rigged -- and those who think he'll lose because it's not," he quipped.

Colbert then invited on the ghost of Abraham Lincoln to give the first draft of his speech -- with a definite Trumpian-spin.

Watch the video below via CBS: