Maher scalds Trump over debate performance: Stop being a 'whiny little b*tch' -- you lost
HBO Real Time host Bill Maher -- (HBO screen grab)

HBO host Bill Maher was on fire Friday night after the Trump campaign gave him enough material in the past week to practically go all night.

While there were fireworks later and a brutal beat-down of Trump advocates to close out "New Rules," the Real Time host unloaded on Trump's debate performance - and subsequent excuses for why he did so poorly -- at the start of the show, calling the GOP presidential nominee a "whiny little b*tch."

Commenting on the fact that he can't really believe "This is happening," Maher ripped into Trump -- saying he had a complete "meltdown" on national TV.

"He interrupted her [Clinton] 51 times," Maher began. "At one point she had to say ,'Mommy's talking.' He actually had a meltdown. Donald Trump had a meltdown about what a great temperament he has. It was like watching someone carve 'I am not a psycho' into their arm!"

"Even though all the polls showed that Hillary won the debate, oh, he won." Maher continued before adopting Trump's voice and ticking off all the reasons he did so poorly. "And even if he didn't win, totally not his fault. The moderator asked the wrong questions. He had a bad microphone. The whole system is rigged. She had the questions beforehand. The sun was in my eyes. The coke wore off."

"Even Ryan Lochte was like 'Stop with the bullshit about being robbed,'" Maher remarked before adding, "Whiny little b*tch."

Watch the video below via HBO: