Stephen Colbert pitches exciting new shows for proposed TrumpTV -- if it 'hasn't gone bankrupt already'
CBS Late Show host Stephen Colbert -- (CBS screen grab)

Coming off a week where he brutalized GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump for his awful debate performance Wednesday night, Late Show host Stephen Colbert attempted to make amends by pitching a few a proposed shows for the rumored TrumpTV -- coming to your home right after the inevitable loss on November 8.

Pointing out that Trump reportedly has a new Trump-based TV network planned, Colbert quipped, "This is good, until now, the only way you could watch 24 hours of Donald Trump is on CNN."

"The Trump TV rumors might be true," the CBS host continued, "because on Wednesday night he live-streamed their own debate coverage under the head #TrumpTV. This is exciting a brand new Trump business venture -- although this was 48 hours ago, and it it might have gone bankrupt already."

With that, Colbert proposed a 'Breaking Bad'-esque crime drama "Bad Hombres," as well as a Chris Christie/Rudy Giuliani buddy comedy, "Bridge & Tunnel."

Watch the video below via YouTube: