CNN anchor Chris Cuomo and former Mayor Rudy Giuliani went at it this morning on “New Day,” where Cuomo grilled Giuliani as the former mayor said anything he could to defend Donald Trump.

Cuomo began the interview referencing the Al Smith Dinner last week, when Democrat Hillary Clinton mocked Giuliani. "You looked like Grumpy Cat," Cuomo said. Giuliani attacked Clinton saying he'd like to see Clinton in an orange jumpsuit. Cuomo asked what the beef is between the two and Giuliani claimed it was simply his history of upholding the law as a prosecutor.

Cuomo jumped in while Giuliani was speaking many times noting that every investigation refutes what Giuliani claims and that the FBI said that they couldn't charge Clinton with a crime. Giuliani didn't care, saying that it didn't matter to him what prosecutors and the FBI said, his beliefs are the correct ones.

"You can have your own opinion, but you seems like you are feeding the Trump argument that it was fixed," Cuomo said. "That it was rigged. That [FBI Director] Comey should have brought a case and didn't on purpose." He maintained that Giuliani seemed as if he was presupposing Clinton was lying about everything, not about negligence.

When it comes to Trump's claims that the FBI and the Justice Department rigged the investigation, Giuliani confessed that he doesn't have the facts to be able to make an educated assessment. However, that didn't stop him from any other claims. Instead, he mentioned a "gross negligence" statute that has been used over the last 100 years to prosecute less than 20 people.

"It's an old law and they don't usually prosecute it," Cuomo noted, calling it a conspiracy theory. He then talked about how Trump doesn't agree with Giuliani's assessment that he should wait for the facts before making a determination. Instead, Trump is railing on a "rigged" system. He wanted to know if Giuliani honestly believed it was responsible for Trump to say such things.

Giuliani responded by going off on a tangent about a so-called "bribe" that came well before the email scandal became a concern. Cuomo was forced to clarify over and over again that Giuliani couldn't make a link between the two because the two were far too disconnected to make sense.

"I mean, Rudy?!" Cuomo shouted.

"What?" Giuliani asked.

"My entire life because you're so accurate and all of a sudden, you're in Trumpland and the facts are all over the place," Cuomo said. "He didn't get a penny."

"They filed joint tax returns-" Giuliani said before being cut off.

"It was a campaign contribution," Cuomo clarified.

"Of $675,000," Giuliani said.

"He gave similar amounts to other candidates," Cuomo revealed.

The two continued battling like that for several more minutes about everything impacting the Trump campaign. When it came to Obamacare, Giuliani cited Trump's employees who were having problems with the health insurance. Later a Trump employee admitted that they aren't on Obamacare.

Giuliani didn't care what the facts were. His only concern seemed to be that "Obamacare is a massive crazy disaster according to Bill Clinton. It is bankrupt. It's going bankrupt."

Cuomo admitted that Obamacare has problems but asked why Republicans don't fix it. Giuliani claimed it was the fault of the Democrats, who do not have control of the House or the Senate.

"As a result, because the Democrats forced this down the Republicans' throat, the ACA, they decided to punish them," Giuliani said. "And they won't work with the Democrats to fix any of the problems that they could fix." (No Republicans voted for the ACA when it was up for a vote).

"Oh, that's a bunch of nonsense," Cuomo said of the Republicans, who have tried to repeal Obamacare over 60 times. "They created it themselves. They cut out bipartisan support."

The interview turned personal when Giuliani claimed that Cuomo was blaming Republicans for everything. When talking about the "rigged polls" that Trump claims are lying to Americans, Giuliani confessed all of the polls are rigged for Democrats. Cuomo tried to ask him how Trump could cite polls when they showed him winning but then attack the same poll when it is unfavorable a month later. Giuliani simply reaffirmed his attack on all polling.

Check out the insane throwdown below:

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