Trump supporters tell sexual assault accusers to 'get over it': 'Those women need to grow a set'
Interviews with Trump supporters (Photo: Screen capture)

The clouds parted, the sun rays shone down and a chorus of angels sang the holy name of Donald Trump. At least that's how his supporters see it.

According to a series of interviews from CNN, one Trump supporter believes that The Donald has "the character of God," despite bragging about groping women and facing a federal lawsuit in December over the alleged rape of an underage girl. Wisconsin Trump voter Debbie Shields explained he is a "loving compassionate father," who "God chose for a time as this." She thinks the whole sexual assault thing is being blown out of proportion by a sensationalist media.

Another Wisconsin supporter, who is identified only as Shirley, explained that Democrats "have no issues that they can win on, so all they can do is try to pick on Trump and his character."

Sue Rasmussen agrees, explaining that we all falter in the expectations of God a few times. "So, we've all missed the mark," she said of the 12-plus times Trump allegedly sexually assaulted someone.

"He's not perfect," said former Ben Carson supporter Ron Lovelin. "I'm not looking for perfect. I'm looking for someone to save this country."

Paul Robertson admitted that it bothered him to hear Trump talk about grabbing women by the genitalia on the "Access Hollywood" bus in 2005, but it isn't changing his support. "Is it a deal breaker? No," he explained. Trump's business chops are what the country needs, according to Robertson.

"I think those women need to grow a set," Wisconsin voter Carol Robertson said of the women who have come forward to accuse Trump and endured threats from his supporters. "You know, it's been a lot of years. Get over it," she advised the women who say they were sexually assaulted.

Trump supporters also made news last week, when one was interviewed by "Face the Nation" and admitted that "Make America Great Again" meant that we would return to a time of no abortions and no homosexuals.

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