Joy Reid panel fears North Carolina will return state to 'the days of reconstruction'
Joy Reid and panel (Photo: Screen capture)

New York Times writer Nicholas Confessore told MSNBC's Joy Reid that he's concerned the recent events in North Carolina reveal that the Republican-held legislature will return to the times of reconstruction.

North Carolina's legislature is working to restrict the powers of the Office of the Governor after calling a special session. Only after the election was called and former Republican Gov. Pat McCrory conceded did the legislature make this power grab. During protests today, 16 people, including two reporters, were arrested.

Reid said that this is an example of attempting to undo the vote by the people. "And saying, 'we will -- that we will make the governorship not worth having if we don't have it,'" she said.

"It's a power of the principles," Confessore said. "I think we saw them say, 'we're reasserting our Constitutional authority.' You know, back when the governor was Republican, it was not a worry they had. A Democrat is now in office and they'll make the office worthless. We saw it in reconstruction after the Civil War when they scattered the powers of governorships around to make them less important. You know, we saw it with climate change. We saw it at the local level when states tried to strip municipalities with the ability to pass laws. It's power over politics."

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