'Those are political appointments!': Chuck Todd hammers Conway over Trump's 'B.S' Goldman Sachs picks
Kellyanne Conway (MSNBC)

Former Donald Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway spoke with MSNBC’s Chuck Todd Friday, defending the president-elect over his cabinet positions, noting Trump “railed against” Wall Street influence doing the campaign.

Conway argued that Trump said banks “don't have influence over him politically and they will not have influence over him politically in the White House,” insisting they will work with Trump to implement his vision.

“Was the trashing of Goldman just simply campaign rhetoric and sort of B.S.” Todd asked.

Conway attempted to iterate her talking point that “he’s talking about political influence,” arguing “these are cabinet positions.”

“Those are political appointments!” Todd reminded her.

Conway argued they picks will help “roll back really bad policy,” insisting all of Trump’s choices “believe” in the president-elect’s vision and “can help execute” it.

“You will not find better people than at the top of the finance and at the top of the markets and understand the way markets work,” Conway said.

Conway later addressed reports that former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani withdrew his name from consideration for Secretary of State, insisting the decision was “mutual.”

“They will continue to be close friends, and Mayor Giuliani will continue to be an informal adviser to the president-elect,” Conway assured Todd.

Referring to her vocal criticism of rumored Secretary of State candidate Mitt Romney, Conway said she was “will support, completely and wholeheartedly” Trump’s choice, but noted she was trying to “give some voice” to the grassroots resistance angered by the notion of a Secretary of State Romney.

“What I think ultimately doesn’t matter,” Conway admitted, later adding, “ultimately, we always know who’s in command and control of the decision.”

She went on to praise Trump’s “really incredible” instincts and “raw intelligence.”

Watch the video below, via MSNBC: