Rudy Giuliani tries to save face after he's booted off Sec. of State shortlist: My desire 'wasn’t that great'
Rudy Giuliani speaks to MSNBC (screen grab)

Donald Trump advocate Rudy Giuliani withdrew his name from the hat of Trump cabinet picks on Friday and almost immediately called into Fox News to further discuss his reasons for withdrawing, Mediaite reports.

For weeks, Giuliani's name has been floated as a pick for secretary of state. However, he told Cavuto, "I decided ... that the whole thing was becoming kind of, very confusing, and difficult for the president-elect. And my desire to be in the cabinet was great, but it wasn't that great."

He said he believed he could play a better role from the outside of the Trump administration, while continuing to remain close friends with the Donald.

As for who should get the title of secretary of state? Giuliani remains in firm opposition to Mitt Romney.

Listen to his full remarks below.