He doesn't have a 'secret plan to fight ISIS': CNN's CIA analyst calls out Trump's lies
Philip Mudd (Photo: Screen capture)

CNN's intelligence analyst Philip Mudd called out President Donald Trump for his recent claims that the media is dishonest.

"Look, let's step back here for a moment," the former CIA agent began. "I'm not part of the media, by the way, I want to be clear on that. I'm a former CIA officer, I only appear on CNN. So, I feel impartial here."

Mudd asked how Trump could possibly be accusing those on television of being dishonest.

"After he mentioned during the camapign, 'We're gonna lock her up,'" Mudd quoted Trump. "Nope. 'We're going to give you my tax returns after the election.' Nope. 'We got a secret plan.' Nope."

Mudd pointed out that this goes back even further when Trump called his ratings for his NBC television show "The Apprentice" a top ranked show.

"He knew when he put that information out there that it was false," Mudd continued. "My response to the president is this: We're dishonest? I want to know why there's an air gap between what you say and what the truth is because it happens every day."

Before the commercial break, Mudd noted that Americans have heard Trump's excuses over and over, including the so-called "secret plan to fight ISIS."

"You know what the secret plan is?" Mudd said. "Breaking news: Pentagon, you got any ideas? Bring them over and maybe we will sign over to those. We have a truth deficit in the oval office and I think this interrogation issue is another example."

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