Anderson Cooper mocks Trump’s obsession with CNN: He watches my show more religiously than my mom
CNN "AC360" host Anderson Cooper (Photo: Screen capture)

According to CNN host Anderson Cooper, President Donald Trump watches the network he is known to complain about "all the time."

The "AC360" host told Seth Meyers Tuesday that Trump watches so much CNN, "he has texted about people I'm interviewing while I'm interviewing them." Apparently, Trump would do that during the campaign.

Cooper went on to say that Trump watches him on CNN more than his mother probably does. "If he had a Nielsen box it would be even better."

His chief concern is that there is probably something more important happening than what is on cable news. He noted that there are certainly more important things a president should be doing.

A few nights ago, Cooper brought up a New York Times article that alleged Trump would watch television in his bathrobe. The following day, Trump's press secretary Sean Spicer claimed it was a lie and that Trump probably didn't even own a bathrobe. Cooper's colleague Jake Tapper went on to post photos of Trump wearing a bathrobe.

Cooper explained that he felt the article was a good one and helped humanize the new president. He went on to quote Spicer saying that not only does Trump probably not own the bathrobe, "but he probably doesn't even wear a bathrobe." He said that they had a reporter on the show, who said openly "I know he wears a bathrobe sometimes around the house," Cooper continued. He then marveled about the fact that this is what his panel was talking about on as news.

The two men discussed the role of the media and its relationship with the White House and concluded that there shouldn't be a friendly association because it prevents objectivity. They did say, however, that it was inappropriate for the president to be alleging any network is a "fake news" network.

Watch the clips of the interview below: