Michael Moore: ‘Cease all congressional business’ until Trump’s 'potentially traitorous actions’ probed
Michael Moore (MSNBC)

Filmmaker Michael Moore urged his Facebook followers to demand an investigation into President Donald Trump's "potentially traitorous" ties to Russia.

House Republicans have shown little interest in fully probing claims by intelligence agencies that the Kremlin attempted to influence the election in favor of Trump, although key Senate Republicans have called for an examination of former national security advisor Michael Flynn's links to Russia.

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Moore urged his fans to call on lawmakers -- especially Democrats -- to "cease all Congressional business" until a select committee was established to investigate the links between the Trump campaign and Russian intelligence officials, and to call on Attorney General Jeff Sessions to appoint a special prosecutor.

"The Dems must bring a halt to anything happening on the floor of the Senate or House until this is done," Moore said. "To carry on as if this potentially traitorous action never happened, to just go about 'business as usual' today, is an OBSCENITY."

He said the claims about Russian meddling, if true, violated the most basic rights of Americans to a free, fair and incorruptible election.

"If we are not willing to fight for THIS, then WHO ARE WE?" Moore said. "If our Democratic representatives are too spineless to shut this charade down, theN they must be put on notice TODAY that we will primary them in 2018 with REAL progressive fighters who are true Democrats."

Moore shared the number for the Capitol switchboard, which can be reached at either 202-225-3121 or 202-224-3121.