Combative Trump TV spokesman Boris Epshteyn is about to step down: report
Trump surrogate Boris Epshteyn defends the Trump Foundation on CNN (Screen cap).

Sources in Pres. Donald Trump's administration say that one of the president's top TV surrogates is stepping down from his role in coming days.

Politico said on Saturday that Boris Epshteyn will be leaving his position as a spokesman and taking on a "less visible" role in the White House.

Epshteyn served as a vociferous defender of Trump and his policies first as a volunteer and then a paid campaign official.

His combativeness extends beyond the times when cameras are rolling, however. Earlier this year, Politico reported that Epshteyn has been known to "terrorize" network executives and talent bookers, prompting Fox News to blacklist him from any further appearances.

In 2014, Epshteyn was arrested for sucker-punching a man in the parking lot of a bar, according to the Smoking Gun.