‘It’s hard to take you seriously’: The View rips Spicer and O’Reilly on responses to racism charge
The View co-host Whoopi Goldberg (Screen capture)

On Wednesday's edition of ABC's "The View" the panel discussed the pattern of insults and disrespect aimed at women of color from Fox News and the administration of Pres. Donald Trump as shown on Tuesday with Bill O'Reilly's racist cracks about U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters (D-A) and White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer's condescending outburst directed at American Urban Radio Networks White House correspondent April Ryan.

Panelist Sunny Hostin pointed out that this is part of a pattern of "unchecked behavior at Fox News." In 2012, she said, Fox's Eric Bolling compared Rep. Waters to Whitney Houston and urged her, "Step away from the crack pipe, step away from the Xanax, step away from the Lorazepam because it’s going to get you in trouble.”

Goldberg pointed to the Republicans' post-2012 "autopsy" report in which the GOP conceded to itself that it needed to be more inclusive.

"'We were the party of Lincoln. That was us,'" she mocked in a Valley Girl voice before saying, "And then you have these kinds of comments...it makes it hard to take you seriously."

"The rule of thumb might be," Joy Behar said, "Would you say that to a white person? Would you say 'Put down the crack pipe?'"

Watch the video, embedded below: