John Oliver shreds Trumpcare — ‘the Ted Cruz of legislation’ and a ‘reverse Bernie Sanders’
John Oliver (Photo: Screen capture)

Late-night comedian John Oliver destroyed President Donald Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan's health care law deemed "Trumpcare" in his latest episode of "Last Week Tonight."

“You may not have wanted it, it looks awful, but it’s here anyway,” Oliver said.

He noted that once the announcement and the bill came out, both sides of the aisle were quick to denounce it, calling it "dead on arrival." Still, Oliver said that the bill could become law and he wanted to help Americans understand what it actually does to the health care system.

According to Oliver, it cuts “the living sh*t out of Medicaid.” He went on to show how the bill will leave millions of Americans without health care, while currently, they have it.

He also nailed the tax cuts included in the bill, which go to the wealthiest Americans along with insurance company CEOs. The cuts are basically “taking from the poor and giving to the rich,” according to Oliver, who dubbed it “a reverse Bernie Sanders.”

The ironic part of Trumpcare is that the people who will be hurt the most are those that supported its namesake. “It’s like if people in Pompeii voted for the volcano,” he explained.

While Democrats have denounced it, oddly enough, the right has come out in opposition as well. Oliver called it "universally hated," bringing both parties together around something they can't stand. “It is truly the Ted Cruz of health care legislation,” he mocked.

Oliver even mocked the fact that Trump doesn't want his name on Trumpcare because the bill is hated so much. He said that it's odd given the fact that Trump wants to put his name on everything. He explained that Trump might not like the bill because it includes a very limited amount of the promises he made on the campaign trail. His excuse was simply, "health care is complicated."

Ultimately, Oliver decided his best bet was to run more ads on "Fox and Friends" and launched his own ad campaign that features the impact as mapped by the Kaiser Family Foundation data.

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