'Silence is deafening’: Internet shames Tillerson's ‘moral cowardice’ for ignoring question on Syria
Rex Tillerson (Twitter)

Social media users heaped scorn on Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who refused to answer reporters' questions on this week's massacre in Syria.

The worst chemical attack in years left 58 dead, including 11 children, and White House Press Secretary Sean Spice blamed former President Barack Obama's "weakness" rather than say whether the Trump administration believed Russian President Vladimir Putin had any role in the massacre.

A senior State Department official, speaking anonymously on background, described the attacks as "reprehensible," but the chief diplomat offered no comments.

Tillerson, the notoriously silent top diplomat, simply sidestepped questions about Syria altogether during a photo opportunity Tuesday with Abdullah II of Jordan.

Twitter users were ashamed and outraged by Tillerson's silence.