Ex-Breitbart employee: There's now a 'concrete paper trail' showing Steve Bannon still runs Breitbart
Kurt Bardella (Photo: Screen capture)

How much sway does top White House political strategist Steve Bannon have over Breitbart News, the publication he formerly ran before taking a job at the Trump administration?

While there's no way to know for certain, a newly revealed White House ethics waiver shows that Bannon is still allowed to engage with Breitbart, despite the fact that the White House has denied that Bannon is influencing Breitbart's coverage of the Trump administration.

Former Breitbart consultant Kurt Bardella tells Raw Story believes this waiver is all the proof anyone needs to see that Bannon is still pulling the strings at his old website.

"This waiver represents a concrete paper trail documenting the White House's intent to allow Bannon to continue being the de facto editorial director of Breitbart - completely contradicting the public statements they have made to date," he writes in an email. "What is going on between the White House and Breitbart is unprecedented."

Throughout the early months of the Trump administration, there have been incidents that have sparked speculation that Bannon still exerts a strong influence over what stories Breitbart will publish -- the publication abruptly stopped publishing negative stories about Jared Kushner shortly after Trump reportedly told Bannon to stop feuding with his son-in-law, for example.

In the past, Bardella has warned that Breitbart has become the "propaganda arm of the Trump White House," while also warning that the website represents "a worldview that is incredibly dangerous and divisive."