‘He’s Trump -- he can do what he wants!‘: GOP voters baffle CNN’s Alisyn Camerota by backing Afghanistan flip-flop
Panel of Trump supporters (Photo: Screen capture)

President Donald Trump's supporters are still in his corner and nothing will shake their dedication to his agenda -- even if his legislation hurts them.

In a panel discussion with CNN, his supporters agreed that they were all fine with the increase in troop levels with Afghanistan.

"This is what he said he was going to do," said Bobby Viera, criticizing former President Barack Obama for not doing what Trump is doing now.

Host Alisyn Camerota recalled Trump's tweets attacking Obama's troop increase in Afghanistan, wondering why it was bad for Obama to do it but it was strong for Trump to do it. Another supporter, Jimmy Dozier, explained that it was due to Trump's consultation with his generals, while Obama ignored his, a talking point frequently pushed by the right-wing.

"He can do what he wants!" one supporter shouted over the rest, excusing the president contradicting himself.

"Yes! He's Trump!" another shouted out.

When asked about how Trump is handling North Korea, supporter Daphne Goggins simply laughed.

"Kaboom! What are we waiting for?" asked Goggins. She said that she's pleased with his strength.

Dozier agreed, saying that if Hillary Clinton was in office the stock market would not have been on the rise and alleged that North Korea would probably have already acted.

"Donald Trump is the biggest troll," said Viera. He went on to say that both Democrats and Republicans are distracted by his Twitter account while he's getting things done. Trump has yet to pass any significant legislation.

Camerota addressed Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA), who called on Congress to enact the 25th Amendment due to Trump’s apparent mental instability.

"President Trump is smarter than anyone in this room," said Dozier. "He has made millions of dollars. He knows what he is doing."

When it came to Trump's response to the white supremacists and Nazis in Charlottesville, none of the people were "troubled" by it.

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