Bush ethics czar: 'I'm not paying for a $20,000 an Hour Mile High club for the Treasury Secretary'
Richard Painter, former ethics lawyer to George W. Bush (Photo: Screen capture)

Following Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin's request for a government jet to use on his European honeymoon, former White House chief ethics lawyer Richard Painter blasted the Donald Trump administration for fiscal irresponsibility.

Secretary Steven Mnuchin is being investigated by the Treasury Secretary's Inspector General after requesting a government plane for his honeymoon with Louise Linton.

Mnuchin has said he needed the plane for security purposes, which has been labeled an "absolute lie" by a former top Justice Department official. The Inspector General is also investigating Mnuchin for taking a government plane to watch the solar eclipse from the roof of Ft. Knox.

MSNBC's Frances Rivera asked Prof. Painter for analysis of Mnuchin's honeymoon jet request.

"You know, I'm the taxpayer, I shell out a lot of money to support this government and these planes cost $20,000 an hour operate," Painter noted.

"I'm not paying for a $20,000 an hour Mile High Club for the Treasury Secretary," Painter exclaimed.

This is ridiculous," Painter concluded. "The trip out to Fort Knox to inspect the gold during the eclipse, that was a farce as well."

"These people are supposed to be fiscal conservatives and they're just blowing taxpayer money right out the door to help themselves," Painter added.