'It’s a bogus story sold to adults': Watch atheists narrate hilarious tour of Kentucky's Ark Encounter
A man fights a dinosaur at creationist Ken Ham's Noah's Ark theme park in Williamstown, Kentucky

Creationist Ken Ham's $92 million Noah's Ark theme park was mercilessly mocked in a video tour of the government-subsidized Kentucky boondoggle.

Atheists Seth Andrews and Matt Dillahunty paid the $40 ticket price and $10 for parking to visit the controversial Ark Encounter project in Williamstown, Kentucky. They recorded video of their visit and worked with "various Kentucky freethinkers" to create a hilarious narration of the exhibits, which include humans fighting gladiator battles against dinosaurs.

"It's a bogus story sold to adults and a lie told to children," the narrator of the video claims. "It's a church masquerading as a Kentucky tourist attraction and it's a tragic waste of resources."

One of the consistent themes of their tour was the lack of visitors. Their video showed empty parking lots, a huge empty space at admission and corridors with few guests.

[caption id="attachment_1124358" align="aligncenter" width="613"] Video from The Thinking Atheist showed a nearly empty outer parking lot and empty lines for admission to the Noah's Ark theme park.[/caption]

Lack of attendance has been one of the major criticisms of the controversial theme park, especially after the town was blamed for lack of visitors.

Grant County Judge Executive Steve Wood said the Ark has "not done us good at all."

The city of Williamstown and state of Kentucky provided tens of millions in subsidies the for-profit replica ship, which was then sold to its nonprofit arm for $10 to avoid paying $700,000 in taxes.

In a fascinating twist, Ken Ham's shenanigans to avoid paying Williamstown $700,000 in taxes resulted in Ark Encounter losing $18 million in state of Kentucky subsidies.

This is not the first time atheists have mocked Ken Ham.

In fact, Ham has blamed atheists for the dismal attendance at his theme park.

In 2016, atheists purchased a nearby billboard trolling Ark Encounter as 'Genocide and Incest Park: Celebrating 2,000 Years of Myths."

Watching "The Thinking Atheist" host Seth Andrews and Matt Dillahunty tour Ken Ham's Noah's Ark theme park: