CNN's Phil Mudd slams two politicians who 'used the death of a young man to see who can piss higher'
Phil Mudd (Photo: Screen capture)

Former CIA officer turned CNN commentator Phil Mudd had an emotional moment during "The Situation Room," talking about the political insanity that has erupted in the wake of the death of the soldiers in Niger.

Mudd began by saying he wasn't surprised by what he saw in the White House briefing room from Gen. John Kelly Thursday afternoon.

"I would say more saddened," he began. "I mean, this is a difficult moment for America. I think it's a sad moment for American politics and for some simple reasons: General Kelly, I thought was moving and I thought he was right. Life is sacred. A wife thought she was going to grow up in an entire life with a man she loved and she lost him."

Mudd's voice cracked as he described the family that now must live without Sgt. La David T. Johnson.

"A child doesn't get to learn to fish with his dad," he said. "And we have the president of the United States deciding to use this moment to compare himself favorably to his predecessor? A Congresswoman from Florida who decides to use this moment to take a shot at a president, I'm sure she despises. We have two politicians who used the death of a young man to see who can piss higher on a fire hydrant, and that's American politics. This is a sad moment."

He went on to say that he thought it put the chief of staff in a "horrible" position attempting to save face for President Donald Trump.

"I thought he made a great statement today, but he should never, and we should never, have politicians say more than 'We grieve your loss and we love what your child did for America,'" Mudd explained. "This is just a rough day."

Watch the emotional commentary below: