‘Decent chance he lied to the FBI’: Counselor to 4 presidents says Mike Flynn may be arrested — not Paul Manafort
CNN Senior Political Analyst and former White House staffer David Gergen

An advisor to four different presidential administrations suggested a pause in the rush to assume that former Donald Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort is the target of reported sealed indictments.

David Gergen, who served presidents of both parties, suggested that former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn might instead be Robert Mueller's first target.

"You know, the main person we've been talking all along is Paul Manafort," Gergen explained to Anderson Cooper on CNN. "It is just very possible that the indictment could be against Michael Flynn."

"It's worth noting that in the last few days, Jim Woolsey, former head of CIA, who was in the transition -- and abruptly left...with no explanation -- is a very honest man, he was there to observe a lot of this, and he got the hell out," Gergen explained.

"He talked to the FBI in the last few days, he's gone public with that, there's that possibility," Gergen noted.

After the panel debated the intended message sent by Trump's pardon of former Sheriff Joe Arpiao, Gergen brought the discussion back to former General Flynn.

"Michael Flynn, you know, was pretty deep into some stuff that was very, very questionable. We know he lied people along the way. If he lied to a variety of people around the White House, there's a decent chance he lied to the FBI," Gergen concluded.