Trump backer stuns CNN by admitting Trump was wrong about past presidents calling military families
Former Rep. Jack Kingston vs. Symone Sanders (Photo: Screen capture)

Former Georgia Republican Congressman Jack Kingston has regularly been one of President Donald Trump's top defenders during his appearances on CNN.

However, on CNN Tuesday, Kingston surprised the panel by agreeing that President Donald Trump should not have claimed that past presidents have not called the families of American soldiers who have been killed in combat.

"I know I have been with President Bush when he met with members of [military] families, and Barack Obama did it, according to his staff," Kingston said. "These things are very, very sensitive... and I think, probably, where there's sacred ground, we just don't talk about these things."

Fellow panelist Symone Sanders then criticized Trump for talking about himself when asked about four U.S. troops who were killed in Niger two weeks ago, while noting that Trump seems to lack basic empathy for others.

Kingston defended Trump on this count and called the president "an empathetic guy," despite the fact that he doesn't appear that way in his public appearances.

"His personal persona, I guess, is a lot different than what we see in public," he insisted.

Watch the video below.

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