Video may prove white nationalist ‘racist lie’ against the black man beaten in Charlottesville
DeAndre Harris (Screengrab via

The criminal case is unraveling against a black man beaten at the same white nationalist rally where Heather Heyer was murdered, one day after police in Charlottesville, Virginia issued an "unlawful wounding" warrant for the victim.

Prominent white nationalist Harold Ray Crews was one of six white men who beat DeAndre Harris, who was treated for a spinal injury and received 10 staples for a head wound. Crews convinced a magistrate to issue a warrant charging the victim with the same offense of the perpetrators, Revere Press reports.

S. Lee Merritt, an attorney representing Harris, released new video of Crews being injured by a fellow white man. Merrit told The Washington Post, the charge was organized by the League of the South, one of the groups who participated in organizing the white nationalist rally.