WATCH: Brawl between white nationalists and interracial couple leaves woman bloodied after Tennessee march
Fight -- screenshot

In video posted to Twitter by a reporter from Mic, a fight broke out between an interracial couple and a gang of white nationalists outside of a Tennessee restaurant leaving the woman bleeding from her face.

According to Jack Smith, the initial report came from a Facebook post stating that the couple were attacked near a pub in Brentwood, Tennessee. The social media post states that the approximately twenty of the black-clad neo-Nazi's "paraded" through the room and began harassing the interracial couple, leading to a fight.

Updating on Twitter, Smith reported, "Managers at the pub says that police took a report — Brentwood and Nashville police told me they don't have information to release now," with the Mic editor admitting he wasn't sure how the fight began.

Smith spoke with white nationalist leader Matthew Heimbach after the fight and was told that one of the white nationalists "was getting his jacket and words were exchanged," adding that the "black gentleman" took the first swing.

Heimbach also defended the beating of the woman, saying, "She jumped in and took swings at people. The confrontation wasn't any of us."

Heimbach also denied that the man was part of any of his groups.

You can read Smith's tweets, and view the video below: