DL Hughley blasts 'clearly racist' Trump: 'If he has no idea about history he's too dumb to be president'
D.L. Hughley appears on 'The View' (Screen cap).

DL Hughley might only have a GED but even he said he knows that the Congress is supposed to work for the American people. That's why he's demanding the 25th Amendment be invoked.

When it comes to Trump's racism, Hughley said that the president is an equal opportunity offender.

"It's gay, Muslims, so he clearly is a racist," he continued. "To pretend like he's not -- yesterday he was honoring Native Americans in front of a portrait of Andrew Jackson, who was called a sharp knife. He can't pretend. It was not just a slur. It was that he did it in front of somebody that murdered the -- it was based on the guy hanging in the portrait behind him."

CNN host Chris Cuomo asked if he thought the Andrew Jackson painting behind Trump was intentional or if Trump didn't know.

"If he has no idea bout history, he's too dumb to be president," Hughley responded. But the U.S. has a long sordid history of racism and Hughley acknowledged that the country has had more presidents that were racists than weren't.

"President Trump is not new, he is retro," he continued. "We can go back and forth but ultimately a large percentage of Americans, 80 percent of Republicans support him, and a large percentage of Evangelicals support him, and if the American population were tired of what he was doing--"

Cuomo cut him off to note he frequently makes the comment that Americans have the power to do something if they want. Cuomo brought up the large number of Republicans required to invoke the 25th Amendment against someone in their own party.

"Last time I checked I got a GED, whether they are Republican or Democrat, they still serve the people," he continued. "If they were tired enough of it they would make something happen. I think that people are not as uncomfortable with racists or incompetent than they pretend to be."

Watch the interview below: