Fox and Friends host Brian Kilmeade erupts over Roy Moore's teen stalking: 'I'd kick his head in'
Fox News host Brian Kilmeade

Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade went off script on his radio show Friday by attacking Roy Moore for stalking teens when he was a thirty-year-old district attorney, saying as a father he wouldn't put up with it.

During a discussion with Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) on a report that Moore reportedly called a teenager -- who refused to give him her phone number -- at her high school, pulling her out of her trigonometry class, Kilmeade called it "obscene."

"You cannot be calling people's mothers when you are 30 years-old to date a teenager," Kilmeade offered.

"As the dad of a teenage daughter, I was absolutely astounded by the first accusation and then it just comes up over and over and over again," Lankford replied before getting to seating Moore should he win the Senate seat from Alabama. "What I hope will live with every vote that I take is that I have to be able to explain to my children and that's one I can't explain to my children."

"You can't," Kilmedade shot back. "It's not he said/she said -- she's in high school and she got a call in her trigonometry class to go to the general office at which time 30 year-old Roy Moore was the other line asking her out for a date."

"That is obscene and I would kick his head in if it was the one of my daughters and then I would call the cops," the heated Fox News host stated.

You can listen to the audio below via WDBO: