Minnesota Republican accused of trapping lobbyist in office and demanding sex
Minnesota State Rep. Tony Cornish (R) -- screenshot

A Minnesota Republican lawmaker is under fire for sending abusive texts to a female colleague and reportedly sexually assaulting a female lobbyist in his office while insisting she help him with his "raging b*ner."

According to the City Paper, state Rep. Tony Cornish under attack after he was accused of sending unwanted sexual comments to Rep. Erin Maye Quade (DFL), who provided text messages to a local paper.

Late Thursday night, Cornish had his chairmanship of the House Public Safety Committee suspended by House Speaker Kurt Daudt (R) while the allegations are being investigated.

More damning, however, are charges from a female lobbyist, who wished to remain anonymous, who claimed Cornish stalked her and solicited her for sex for over a year, once physically grabbing her in his office while trying to kiss her.

According to the woman, Cornish once blocked her from leaving his office, repeatedly telling her, "I have a raging boner. You can't leave."

Confronted with the accusations, Cornish denied the assaults,  but did admit to inappropriately texting women, explaining: "I'm an adult. I'm not a saint."

The accusations against Cornish come at a time when DFL Sen. Dan Schoen is facing demands from his own party’s leaders to resign after he was accused of sexual harassment by multiple women.

The accusations against Schoen include physically grabbing women as well as sending pictures of his genitalia via Snapchat.