One of Roy Moore's accusers is planning on suing him for defamation -- and anyone else who defends him
Roy Moore (Fox News)

As pundits like Fox News' Sean Hannity rush to defend Alabama's GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore against allegations that he had inappropriate sexual relationships with teens when he was in his 30's, the lawyer of one of Moore's accusers plans on fighting back.

Josh Moon of the Alabama Political Reporter tweeted that Paula Cobia, who represents Gloria Deason, a woman who said Moore dated her when she was 18 and he 32, intends on filing defamation suits against Moore and his supporters.

"Paula Cobia, attorney for Moore accuser Gloria Deason, says she is preparing lawsuits against Moore and any other individual, including politicians and church leaders, who publicly defamed her client and put Deason in harms way," Moon wrote on Monday.

In the days since accusations against Moore have com to light, Cobia has spoken out about the right-wing backlash to the accusations, which came amid a spate of sexual assault, abuse and harassment allegations against powerful men in the entertainment industry and politics.

"Media, do your damn jobs! Do not help Steve Bannon and Roy Moore get away with mounting smear and disinformation campaigns against these 4 brave women [sic] who are guilty of nothing more than telling the truth," Cobia wrote in a Facebook post on Monday.

Moore's wife Kayla has claimed that she and her husband intend to file their own defamation suit against the Washington Post for publishing the allegations.