LISTEN: Eminem's incendiary new track blasts white supremacy, racial profiling and police violence
Eminem in his profanity-laden salvo decried Trump as both incompetent and prejudiced, rapping: "Racism's the only thing he's fantastic for" (AFP Photo/Theo Wargo)

Rapper Eminem's new single "Untouchable" is an explosive indictment of U.S. white supremacy, police brutality and racial profiling.

The song is built around a sample of Cheech and Chong's "Earache My Eye", said Rolling Stone's Daniel Kreps.

The Michigan-born rapper demands to know why the U.S. is still racially segregated by neighborhoods, "Why is there black neighborhoods?/ 'Cause America segregated us/ Designated us to an area/ Separated us/ Section-eight'd us."

"Untouchable" is from the upcoming album "Revival," which features guest appearances by Pink, Alicia Keys and Beyoncé. Earlier this year, Eminem -- born Marshall Mathers -- released a freestyle rap in which he declared "We f*cking hate Trump."

Listen to the track, embedded below: