Megyn Kelly asks her audience to stand if they've ever been sexually harassed or assaulted -- the result is staggering
Megyn Kelly Today (Photo: Screen capture)

Megyn Kelly' has been a tireless advocate for those who've faced sexual harassment or sexual assault in wake of the Fox News scandals. She's doggedly shamed hypocrites from Bill O'Reilly to Donald Trump.

During her Wednesday show, Kelly was addressing the topic once again, as new allegations continue to surface from every industry. TIME magazine Wednesday named the #MeToo campaign as the "Person of the Year."

"Look, I just want to take this moment as I look out across this huge audience we have with us today to ask. Because, that #MeToo thought is so powerful and knowing that you're not alone."

Kelly requested, "if you, or someone you know, has been a victim of sexual assault ... can I ask you to stand?"

The result was that nearly every person in the audience rose to their feet. There were two men on the first row. One was older and the other younger. They both stood. Nearly every woman stood. Men in the back of the audience stood. In fact, only a handful of individuals were still seated.

"Look at that," Kelly commented.

Watch the shocking video below: