Trump's 'full-out meltdowns' on Twitter could be 'the undoing of his presidency': MSNBC panel
Kurt Bardella, Joyce Vance and Lis Smith on MSNBC (screen capture)

An MSNBC panel on Saturday discussed President Donald Trump's compulsive relationship with Twitter and his habit of undermining his own and his subordinates' positions with ill-advised bursts of unvetted online statements.

Former U.S. Attorney Joyce Vance said that while it's highly unlikely that special counsel Robert Mueller will try to indict a sitting president, Trump will likely pay for his loose lips in "the court of public opinion."

Former campaign aide to President Barack Obama Lis Smith said that Trump is "clearly trying to say, 'Hey, nothing to see here,' but having a full-out meltdown on Twitter is not helping his case."

She continued, "Generally, if you're doing all-caps and exclamation points, it's the opposite of inspiring confidence. And what's sort of ironic about all of this is that Trump always likes to say that Twitter helped make him become president, but Twitter could actually now be the undoing of his presidency."

On Saturday, a first-person tweet appeared in the president's Twitter feed that potentially amounted to an admission that he knew Mike Flynn lied to the FBI about his contacts with Russians during the presidential transition.

When it became clear that the tweet could do significant damage to Trump, the White House blamed it on attorney John Dowd. Public reception to that explanation has been skeptical.

Watch the video, embedded below: