Breitbart literally blamed CNN's Jake Tapper for 'fake news' death threats against his own network's employees
Breitbart News' logo (left, via Wikimedia Commons) and CNN's Jake Tapper (right, via screengrab).

When reporting on a Michigan man's death threats against CNN, Breitbart News took at jab at host Jake Tapper and appeared to blame the timing of the threats on the network itself.

Tapper flagged the latest Breitbart attack against him in a tweet posted Wednesday afternoon, saying the far-right news outlet "is literally blaming CNN for the death threats against us by a man who has been arrested and charged with a crime."

In their article about the multiple threatening phone calls made by 19-year-old Brandon Griesemer, Breitbart suggested the timing of the calls appeared to be synched up with various CNN segments critical of President Donald Trump.

"The man’s calls to CNN occurred on January 9 and 10, the days that immediately followed CNN’s Jake Tapper hurling childish insults at White House senior adviser Stephen Miller," Breitbart's article read. "The calls also came after a full week of CNN —  using only Michael Wolff’s sketchy book as a source — went into hyper-drive to push the fake news that Trump is mentally ill."

"This was also the week after CNN’s Brian Stelter openly trolled Trump by attempting to get the president banned from Twitter," it continued.

Breitbart's attempt to pin the threats against CNN on Tapper isn't the first time they've targeted the host. Late last month, the right-wing site ran a "hit piece" on him after he called out their association with Paul Ryan's virulently anti-Semitic House challenger, who wrote for Breitbart before it scrubbed his editorials from the website.

A few days after Breitbart's first hit piece, Tapper learned one of their reporters was writing another one about him — and summarily outed them for it on Twitter.