Does 'Fire and Fury' passage about Nikki Haley imply she and Trump are having an affair?
Donald Trump and Nikki Haley (Wikimedia Commons)

On Friday night, author Michael Wolff set tongues wagging and pages turning by implying to "Real Time" host Bill Maher that President Donald Trump is currently having an affair and that the clues to who are in his book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House. pointed to a paragraph in Fire and Fury that reads, "By October, however, many of the president’s staff took particular notice of one of the few remaining Trump opportunists: Nikki Haley, the UN ambassador. Haley -- ‘as ambitious as Lucifer,’ in the characterization of one member of the senior staff -- had concluded that Trump’s tenure would last, at best, a single term, and that she, with the requisite submission, could be his heir apparent.”

However, it's the next paragraph that would appear to be more damning.

"The president has been spending a notable amount of private time with Haley on Air Force One and was seen to be grooming her for a national political future," Wolff said. "Haley, who was much more of a traditional Republican, one with a pronounced moderate streak -- a type increasingly known as a Jarvanka Republican -- was, evident to many, being mentored in Trumpian ways. The danger here, offered one senior Trumper, 'is that she is so much smarter than him.'"

Haley was accused of having an adulterous relationship with political blogger Will Folks in 2007 prior to assuming the office of governor.

Folks published salacious details of the alleged affair on his blog.

In spite of the allegations, Folks endorsed Haley's candidacy.

Haley has denied the affair.

UPDATE: An earlier draft of this story said that Folks retracted his story about an adulterous affair with Haley. He has not. Raw Story regrets the error.