'Would a sane person ever say that?’: Lawrence O'Donnell nails why Trump's 'least racist' claim is the latest sign he's mentally unfit
MSNBC anchor Lawrence O'Donnell

MSNBC anchor Lawrence O'Donnell fact-checked President Donald Trump's claim of being the "least racist" person during the continuing back-and-forth over the president's "sh*thole" comments.

"Tonight, it's Donald Trump versus Dick Durbin (D-IL) on who's telling the truth," O'Donnell observed. "Most Americans don't really have to hear more than that to decide who is telling the truth -- even though most Americans don't know who Dick Durbin is. Sixty-three percent of Americans say Donald Trump does not tell the truth, that poll came out on Thursday."

"As the story clearly got worse and worse for the Trump White House on Friday and Saturday, the Trump White House decided it was time to change their story, just completely change their story," O'Donnell observed. "It was time to change Donald Trump's story and enlist whatever help they could from other Republicans."

"So one of the most overtly racist presidents since the abolition of slavery says I'm not racist," O'Donnell noted.

"Because he is, and has been for decades, a deeply dysfunctional pathological liar, he has no idea that saying, 'I am the least racist person' not only does not sound believable, it does not sound sane," O'Donnell suggested.

"Would a sane person ever say that?" O'Donnell asked. "Would someone who is not a racist ever say, 'I am the least racist person?'"

"There have only been 45 presidents of the United States and it can be said with absolute certainty that Donald Trump is definitely not the least racist person who has been president," O'Donnell concluded. "But he is, without a doubt, the least intelligent, the least believable, and obviously the least sane person who has ever been president."