'The devil is delighted' to see evangelicals defending Trump and the GOP at all costs: Christian writer
Donald Trump in Cleveland prayer huddle -- (YouTube screen grab)

An evangelical Christian writer finds herself increasingly wary of fellow Christians who see it as their duty to defend President Donald Trump and the Republican Party at all costs.

Writing at AL.com, evangelical Dana Hall McCain says that too many Christian leaders have become infatuated with maintaining power within the federal government, which is corrupting their duty to serve God and Christ above all else.

"When we believe that government -- rather than our own submission to Christ and evangelism -- is the whole ballgame, or even the most important facet of it, we become vulnerable to all sorts of compromises needed to win and maintain power," she writes. "Truth is no longer what we pursue at all costs--power is, because we believe we can't live without it."

McCain then calls out evangelicals for not being more compassionate on helping out undocumented immigrants who came to the United States as children, and she believes Christian teaching would mandate trying to find a solution that would let these people stay in the United States without fear of deportation.

She also says that she can't stay silent when Trump says things that are baldly dishonest, even if she appreciates some of the policy wins that he's given to evangelical Christians.

"We've lost the guts needed to take our own people to the woodshed, because we've believed that our primary job is to beat Democrats instead of the Devil," she writes. "The Devil is delighted by this misunderstanding."

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