Grieving Parkland dad calls on Trump to demand gun lovers stop threats against teen survivors
Stoneman Douglas parent Fred Guttenberg (Photo: Screen capture)

Students and parents have been receiving threats from gun activists and the far-right as they've taken a stand for gun regulations. Now, father Fred Guttenberg is demanding President Donald Trump call off the attack dogs and for the FBI to investigate all of the threats.

In an interview Wednesday with CNN's Alisyn Camerota, in Parkland, Florida, Guttenberg, who lost his daughter in the shooting, said that he was taking to his surviving child to classes this morning. He praised the response from the other students who have rallied around their family in wake of the tragedy.

"My son walks in here without his sister," he said. "My daughter's friends -- they used to always walk in with my daughter. I just saw them and hugged them and they are walking in without my daughter. This is in the what we envisioned for ourselves watching our kids high school."

He also praised Dick's Sporting Goods, who made the decision to stop selling assault weapons and high capacity magazines to anyone under 21. He said "thank you" and said he plans to go buy something there today in solidarity. He said that he's been relentless in fighting back against Apple and Amazon, who both still do work with the NRA. Amazon in particular, still sells the weapons online.

He said that it's been exhausting for the last two weeks since the shooting but that he still has hope for progress..

"I watch these heroic kids do what they're doing to take on this lobby just to demand their safety," he said. "That gives me strength. but it has been a rough couple of weeks."

But when it comes to the threats against the students, Guttenberg was furious.

"There have been threats against these kids," he told Camerota.

"Yes, online threats and beyond," she replied.

"I'm hoping the president, today -- a lot of folks want to talk about this as situation al violence and threats ignored," Guttenberg continued. "So, we can't ignore what's going on. I need President Trump address it publicly and demand that everyone who is making these threats stop. I am hoping that right now as we do this interview, the FBI and Broward Sheriffs and all the other investigative agencies out there are investigating these threats and are initiating arrests. This community has been through trauma. We can't have additional trauma in this community. Since we know the situational aspect of this is part of it, we need to get something done. We can't have that going on."

Watch his comments below: