Internet rains hell on 'piece of sh*t' Alex Jones for tweeting photos of anti-'snowflake' gun during deadly school shooting
InfoWars' Alex Jones (left) and his "snowflake" gun (right). Images via screengrab and Twitter.

In the midst of a deadly school shooting in Parkland, Florida, InfoWars host Alex Jones tweeted two close-up photos of a gun etched with epithets about "snowflakes," "unicorns" and "libturds." It was accompanied only by a heart-eyes emoji.

It took almost no time for Twitter to pick up on the terrible timing of Jones' post.

"The Sandy Hook truther decided to post some sweet gun pics right in the middle of another school shooting," journalist Parker Molloy tweeted, referencing Jones' belief that the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in 2012 was a "false flag" operation planned by anti-gun government forces.

"What a ghoul," the journalist added.

"It's really weird to see a coward who never served in the military gleefully post a pic of an assault rifle," LGBTQ rights activist Charlotte Clymer noted, "as though he's some kind of credible patriot, in order to exploit the deaths of children in a school shooting for his awful politics."

As news agencies and journalists continuously covered the Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting, Jones tweeted about it only twice in the aftermath. His first post promoted an InfoWars article about a video taken inside one of the classrooms during the shooting, and he also retweeted a conspiracy theory based on an unverified Instagram account allegedly belonging to the shooter.

The theory suggests the shooter is Muslim because he tweeted "Allahu Akbar," though Alex Griswold, a journalist with the conservative Washington Free Beacon, noted that the posts actually appear to be Islamophobic in nature.

Check out more responses to Jones' tweet below.