Parkland survivor Emma Gonzalez just gave the GOP another reason to be afraid of her generation
Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School senior Emma Gonzalez during a press conference. Image via screengrab.

Parkland massacre survivor Emma Gonzalez reminded CNN viewers Friday night that she and her peers at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School aren't just coming for the National Rifle Association — they're also marching to the ballot box.

Though Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) and other politicians are breaking with the NRA's party line to call for age restrictions on assault-style rifles like that which Parkland shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz used to gun down his former classmates, Gonzalez said those measures are baby steps.

"I do think those are good first steps," she told CNN host John Berman. "A lot of us in this community are happy to hear this is starting to move in a good direction. But it's not enough."

Semi-automatic weapons in general, rather than age regulations, should be targeted by lawmakers, Gonzalez said.

The high school senior admitted that she and her fellow outspoken classmates "are definitely making a difference" — and not just when it comes to guns.

"People are being inspired by what the kids at our school are doing," she said. "They're getting out there, they're getting registered to vote, they're getting preregistered to vote, they're talking to parents and members of their community."

"Look anywhere," Gonzalez implored. "It's right outside your window."

Watch below, via CNN: