Jim Carrey brilliantly skewers Trump and his ‘soulless’ right-wing allies in political artwork

Comedic genius Jim Carrey has been spending the last six years immersed in color and painting passionate commentary on life, the world and everything in between. But since November 2016, it's the actor's political artistry that has captured the attention of political commentators as well as art lovers.

According to the Daily Beast, the first began Nov. 12, depicting President Donald Trump kissing the backside of Russian President Vladimir Putin. He tweeted a photo of the painting with the caption, “They bailed him out, set him up and made him their stooge. With Trump in the WH, Putin may win the 3rd World War without firing a shot. #PuckerUpPOTUS”:

“I think what makes someone an artist is they make models of their inner life,” Carrey says in a short film about his painting addiction. “They make something come into physical being that is inspired by their emotions or their needs or what they feel the audience needs.”

Following the Trump painting, he painted a cartoon version of former Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore with the disturbing caption, "🎶Oh Susanna, don’t you vote for me, I’m a creep from Alabama with your daughter on my knee!🎵"

Just weeks later, Carrey tweeted another painting of Senate Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) with SHAME spread over his face. He tweeted it as a response to the GOP's tax bill.

Trump’s State of the Union address inspired an angry orange, open-mouthed face with the caption, "'...and the blind shall see and the lame shall walk and the cheats shall inherit the earth!' #StateOfTheUnion"

As news of the GOP Intelligence Committee memo, Carrey mocked Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) as a chef of "nothing burgers." The cartoon captions Nunes saying, "One pointless memo coming up! Will that be all Mr. P?" Carrey tweeted it out with his own comment, “'White House delivery boy; can I take your order?!' ;^P"

He continued with a cartoon of Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI), who once bragged the GOP's tax bill would raise a secretary’s pay $1.50 a week.

"Tone deaf Paul Ryan brags that his tax bill is going to make low income voters an extra $1.50 a week! That’s almost enough for a box of Band-Aids. Who needs healthcare? WAKE UP REPUBLICAN BASE! You are parked on the tracks, cheering for the train that’s about to run you down. ;^P" Carry captioned it.

Following the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, that killed 17, Carrey blasted the president for playing golf at his West Palm Beach club, while avoiding funerals for the children a mere hour away.

"It’s President's Day and Chief Little Hands has been busy tweeting from his golf resort, a chip shot away from the latest bloody school shooting. He was hoping to play a few holes while grieving families are busy digging them. I support @cameron_kasky" Carery tweeted.

He continued with a painting of two children walking to school by a picket fence with bloody bullet holes strewn across.

"11 school shootings in 24 days. The new Norm!" he tweeted.

A mixed-media kind of sculpture depicts an American flag wrapped around the shape of a gun.

Another shows students fully armed with guns and grenades while singing in the school's glee club.

One painting depicts a fallen student in a school uniform with her backpack beside her and textbooks and papers strewn about laying on an American flag while blood is splatted.

Finally, the comedian hit back against Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), with a small head and large hands covered in blood.

"Rubio‘s agenda is clear," Carrey tweeted. "Keep taking millions from the NRA and wash the blood of innocent children off his hands. Apparently $3.3 million is the price of this politician’s soul."

Sunday, Carrey painted an open-mouthed Sarah Huckabee Sanders, with Carrey calling her out as “monstrous” and attacking her “so-called Christian” values.

Carrey even illustrate former President Abraham Lincoln with a tear running down his face. “It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to!” he captioned.

Carrey's artwork is available at the Signature Galleries.