'You're a great tap dancer': Don Lemon calls BS on Jack Kingston for claim McMaster firing due to Trump winning so much
Jack Kingston and Don Lemon (Photo: Screen capture)

Former Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA) got smackdown by CNN host Don Lemon again on Thursday. It wasn't the first time, the second time, even the third or fourth time. Kingston has a long history of being called out for his spin on CNN, particularly by Lemon, and tonight was another embarrassment.

Lemon noted that there was a time that President Donald Trump was enamored with his generals, but it was announced Thursday that national security advisor H.R. McMaster was effectively ousted from his position. The president has given him the dignity of searching for his next job first, unlike Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who was fired on Twitter.

Kingston tried to explain that this was only happening because Trump was winning so much.

"You know, I think this part of moving so quickly at a breakneck speed where the president does go through staff and does want to change staff around as he moves through an agenda," Kingston tried to explain. "And I know you've heard it before, but from a conservative standpoint, he has implemented his agenda faster than Ronald Reagan did and accomplished more in the first year, and so for his base, we think that's a very good thing in terms of the economy, the taxes, rebuilding our national security."

Lemon cut in to ask a second time why Trump was firing his generals when he loved them so much.

Kingston said it was perfectly normal to have staff turn over, and cited multiple past administrations who had staffers that left. The panel laughed and Lemon noted none in history have ever seen this.

"That's a good spin," Lemon said. "Come on, Jack. come on. No, come on. Jack. Don't come on here -- if you have a staff that's good, and everything is working, you don't change them. You keep them as long as possible because your agenda is working and they're helping you with it. So, why are you spinning that way? What happened with why is there so much chaos, so much turnover? Not that he's going through his agenda so fast. If these people were qualified as he said from the beginning, they should be able to roll with it. Come on."

Kingston never backed down, however. Finally at the end, all Lemon could do is compliment him on being as good as "Chicago" character Billy Flynn.

"Jack, I mean, you're a great tap dancer. Thanks a lot. Appreciate it," Lemon closed.

Watch Kingston squirm below: