Fox Business host corners Trump’s chief economic adviser on trade: This doesn't sound like the man I've 'admired'
Fox Business host Jim Cavuto (left) and Trump's new economics adviser Larry Kudlow (right). Image via screengrab.

During a tense exchange Wednesday afternoon, Fox Business host Neil Cavuto grilled CNBC economic analyst-turned-White House adviser Larry Kudlow over his apparent flip-flopping stance on tariffs amid President Donald Trump's trade war.

After Kudlow asserted that China is to blame for the increasingly volatile trade situation that led to the stock market tanking earlier this week, his former ideological ally cornered him.

"You think this is the solution, Larry?" Cavuto asked the new director of the National Economic Council, referencing the president's proposed tariffs.

“I hope you are to avoid that kind of thing,” the Fox Business host continued. “But this doesn’t sound like the laissez-faire, hands-off Larry Kudlow I’ve respected and admired all these decades.”

Watch below, via Fox News: