‘The lawyers are not calm’: NYT reporter tells CNN that Trump’s attorneys are freaking out over Cohen raid
New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman (Photo: Screen capture)

In a Monday conversation about the FBI raid of President Donald Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen, New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman explained why this incident is different.

Thus far, Trump has been Teflon when it comes to most of his legal problems. While everyone else might get caught in legal jeopardy, thus far the president has not. Somehow, this incident seems different.

According to Haberman watching those that surround Trump is key. She described it as being like flying when there's a problem on the plane. If the flight attendants are calm, then everything is fine. When they're panicking, however, it's time to worry. Haberman explained that those that are around Trump are panicking for the first time.

"The lawyers are not calm," she said. "That is your hint about what is going on here. It may not end up mattering, but there are few people who know as much as Michael Cohen. It is true he has been he very loyal to the president over a long period of time. It is also true that the president has often treated him pretty poorly as he often treats employees. It is hard to ask people to give up their life for you."

CNN host Chris Cuomo explained that Trump and his allies don't control Cohen, and don't know what information he has.

"It is is the only context where you have potential, direct between the president and the person that is being investigated," Cuomo continued. "Where with [special counsel Rober] Mueller, the president tends to be one, two layers removed."

Haberman agreed, saying that one person close to the president described this as a much more direct connection to Trump.

Watch the full segment below: