MSNBC guest blisters 'hypocrite' Wolf critics who thought comedian was too mean to 'lie-spitting' Huckabee Sanders
White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders (Screenshot)

During a panel discussion on comedian Michelle Wolf's harsh and hilarious comedy monologue at the White House Correspondents' Dinner that took place Saturday night, one commentator called out the media hand-wringers who thought the evening's guest hurt their credibility.

With everyone from Fox News personality Laura Ingraham calling Wolf's comments about White House spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders "mean-spirited," and President Donald Trump boasting Wolf "bombed," AM Joy guest Tiffany Cross, co-founder of The Beat DC, said the Trump administration had it coming.

"A lot of journalists felt it was really unfair, particularly to Sarah Huckabee Sanders with whom they work," host Joy Reid said. "You know -- there is a working relationship there between the press and Sarah Huckabee Sanders. I don't remember who it was that actually tweeted that they were amazed and they gave her credit for not walking out. What is your take?"

"It's a lot of unfairness to the American people when Sarah Huckabee Sanders stands at that podium every day and spits out lies," Cross shot back. "I'll say to the people who were uncomfortable in the room and people watching at home and they were uncomfortable:  If you were made to feel uncomfortable by Michelle Wolf making fun of the actual words that the president had said and actual things that people in this administration have done, but you weren't uncomfortable by the president calling Nazis good people, you weren't uncomfortable by the president talking about grabbing women by their private parts, you weren't uncomfortable by the president putting our very democracy in danger, then you need to check your hypocrisy and your privilege."

"Michelle Wolf was bit crass in her delivery," she continued. "The president is very crass in what he tweets out on a daily basis."

"The language and what Michelle Wolf said is reflective of the times we live in and I find it laughable that we're sitting here dissecting what she said and pointing to her as though she's the problem and not the administration itself, and certainly not this president who, if you look at his twitter feed and don't clutch your pearls but hear what she said and you're having this gasp and this shock at her language, it just seems very ridiculous and hypocritical to me," she added.

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