'These are Republicans': Morning Joe delivers devastating takedown of Trump's panicked 'witch hunt' yelps
Joe Scarborough (MSNBC)

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough ripped up President Donald Trump's panicked claims about a "witch hunt" in the wake of a no-knock FBI raid on his longtime attorney Michael Cohen.

The "Morning Joe" host pointed out that nearly every official involved in executing the search warrant was a Republican, and several were appointed by Trump himself.

"I know this will shock a lot of people that watch our show and that follow Donald Trump every day, but he said so many things yesterday that need a little bit of clarification," Scarborough began.

The president complained during a Cabinet meeting Monday, after news of the raid broke, that he was the victim of a political witch hunt that began when he won the Republican presidential nomination, but Scarborough walked through each of the key players in the raid to knock down Trump's claims.

"Just in case you want to know who these witches are, that Donald Trump says are coming after him, they're Bob Mueller, a Republican, this is the conspiracy," he said. "You've got Rod Rosenstein, who was screaming about yesterday. He's a life-long Republican, despite the fact that Donald Trump called him a Democrat from Baltimore. The attorney general, Jeff Sessions, who he was raging at -- you and I both heard not only Donald Trump, but Jared Kushner (call him) the greatest, most stand-up guy, best Republican ever during the campaign. He, he is also this conspiracy, a Republican."

"The FBI director, who Donald Trump appointed, Republican," Scarborough continued. "The four FISA judges that were leading this conspiracy -- Republican, Republican, Republican, Republican. The House run by Republicans, the Senate run by Republicans and yesterday's raid was run by the U.A. Attorney from the Southern District of New York -- remember the one that replaced Preet (Bharara)?"

"He fired Preet because he didn't think he could be loyal, so who did he appoint?" Scarborough added. "He appointed Geoffrey Berman, who executed this raid yesterday, in charge of this raid yesterday, ordered this raid yesterday. Not on Robert Mueller's behalf, but on the behalf of the people of New York and the United States of America. He was appointed by Donald Trump -- and also, he was, his mentor, you guessed it: Rudy Giuliani. He's a Giuliani guy."

Scarborough pointed out that Berman had actually contributed $5,400 to Trump's presidential campaign, and he reminded viewers that Trump had been a Democratic donor until fairly recently.

"Everybody that I named on that list has never been Democrats," Scarborough said, "they're most of their lives like Donald Trump, have never contributed hundreds and hundreds of dollars to Democratic campaigns like Donald Trump, have never contributed to Nancy Pelosi like Donald Trump, have never contributed to Rahm Emmanuel, because this is important, he says they've Republicans say they've contributed to Democrats, some of the people who have investigating on the team, have never contributed to Chuck Schumer, never contributed hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars to the DNC."

"These are Republicans," he added. "Most of these players that Donald Trump is attacking were appointed by Donald Trump, and this was executed yesterday by a Giuliani man, who gave $5,400 to Donald Trump, was just appointed in January, and is a Trump guy through and through."

"But you know one thing that Donald Trump doesn't understand?" Scarborough said. "Is that every one of those Republicans that I named are Republicans, but they put their country and they put the rule of law above Donald Trump -- and that is something that this man will never understand. Never."