Trump-loving nurse begs for donations after being fired for saying Stephon Clark 'deserved' to be shot
Stephon Clark (Facebook)

A Sacramento-area nurse who was fired from her job for saying unarmed Stephon Clark deserved to be shot and killed by police for "being stupid," is appealing for funds online while protesting that she is "a person of faith, and a nurse, I love all people and treat everyone equally."

According to the Sacramento Bee, Faith Linthicum, who was dismissed from her job as a labor and delivery nurse at Kaiser’s Roseville Medical Center last week, is trying raise $25,000 from supporters while complaining that her 1st Amendment rights were taken away from her by her former employer.

Writing on her GoFundMe post, Linthicum proclaimed, "I’m a United States Military veteran who served as a medic, and then fulfilled my dream taking care of people by becoming a nurse. I was recently fired from my job as a nurse at Kaiser Permanente for exercising my First Amendment right to free speech. I am a proud supporter of this great Country, the First Amendment, the rule of law, and law enforcement."

According to the now-unemployed nurse, she is the victim of an attack from an activist group who thrust her into the news by pointing out her offensive Facebook post, that stated, "He was running from the police jumping over fences and breaking in peoples houses … why run??!!! He deserved it for being stupid.”

"I assure you, and for those that know me, I am not a hateful or discriminatory person," she protested. "As a person of faith, and a nurse, I love all people and treat everyone equally. Kaiser Permanente fired me without any investigation, and without giving me an opportunity to explain or defend myself."

According to the Bee, attention was also drawn to other Linthicum comments, including "“Can we protest the deaths of all the people shot by black people too”? The other read: “He’ll (sic) yeah!!! Build that wall Mr. President!! #prototypeshopping.”

Linthicum also used her ownership of two dogs to bolster her appeal for funds, writing, "I am now unemployed and unable to pay rent, buy food for myself and my two dogs (French Bulldog & Great Dane)."