WATCH: Pentagon spokesperson put on the spot after Trump calls Syria attack 'Mission Accomplished"
Pentagon spokeswoman Dana White -- screenshot

Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs Dana White was twice put on the spot on Saturday morning for President Donald Trump calling Friday night's Syria stack "Mission accomplished" as such an early stage.

Speaking to reporters in the Pentagon briefing room, White provided details on the attack before taking questions that occasionally grew contentious.

Noting that President Donald Trump dubbed the attack "Mission Accomplished" in an early morning tweet, one unidentified reporter asked Bell to justify the Twitter outburst.

"A follow up on the question of 'mission accomplished,'" the reporter asked."If the mission is to deter President Assad from producing and from spreading chemical weapons, is it possible to know whether that mission, as described, was even accomplished?"

"Last night, operations were successful," White replied. " We met all of our objectives, all of our targets successfully. No aircraft were engaged. It was a successful mission. But what happens next depends on what the Assad regime decides to do."

Another reporter, identified by White as "Tom" pressed even harder for evidence why the raid was needed.

"You said we are very confident about the evidence we have," he pressed. "Now, Russia and Syria denied any chemical weapons were used. I'm just wondering why you wouldn't share your evidence with the world. Adlai Stevenson famously went to the U.N.. in 1962 with evidence of the Russian build up in Cuba. Why wouldn't you do something similar if there's doubts?"

"There's no doubt for us," White shot back

"Why not share the evidence, then?" he pressed. "

"A lot of this has to do with intelligence," White demurred. "I'm very happy to show evidence, if i can. But were very confident about the decisions we made."

Watch the video below via CNN live coverage.