‘Did they get to Judge Nap too?’: Fox viewers fume after legal analyst defends Mueller probe
Andrew Napolitano (Fox News)

After Fox News analyst and former judge Andrew Napolitano defended special counsel Robert Mueller's duty to see his investigation to completion, the network's conservative viewers expressed their distaste for his pragmatic words.

Napolitano said the White House's new strategy of claiming the Mueller investigation has gone on too long is a new strategy that likely is a result of "the addition of Mayor Rudy Giuliani to the president's legal team."

"They're on offense, not defense," the judge said. "They will be challenging Bob Mueller at every turn. For those of us who watch these things from a professional point of view, I must tell you Bob Mueller has no duty to tip his hand and show his cards until the end of his investigation. And he does have a duty to complete the investigation."

"It will take a while," Napolitano said — and in doing so, incited the rage of Fox viewers who now suspect him of being a member of the "deep state."

"What's happened to Judge Napolitano?" one Twitter user wrote. "He's siding with Mueller. Did they get to Judge Nap too?"

"I think it's time that someone finally tells good old Judge Napolitano to STOP with his one-sided CRAP," another tweeted, "and STOP acting like he is America's legal authority on EVERYTHING. He simply is NOT!"

Even Michael Flynn Jr., son of President Donald Trump's controversial former aide, joined in on the fun, claiming Napolitano is a "sensationalist" and agreeing with another user who accused him of offering "obtuse" commentary.

Watch video of Napolitano's defense of Mueller and read Fox viewers' commentary on it below: